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The Team Challenge Process - Why it Works

1 Introduction

Let’s consider the following scenarios:
How would you feel if you had a refreshing new way to improve your business performance?What would it be like to access the intelligence of the people to solve a complex problem?What would happen to your performance if you were able to unlock the innovation mindsets of your people?What could you do if you had access to the rich balance of the experience and knowledge of your people?What it would be like to introduce new system or process without any resistance?What would it be like if you had a means of simulating real business scenarios for staff recruitment?How would you like to build strong, motivated and innovative teams in a safe and controlled environment?
All the above scenarios are individual processes that all present a particular challenge. In all cases, a challenge that involves the people in the business - teams. To tap into that intelligence and engage these teams to overcome a challenge is “process".
The list below …

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