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What is the Team Challenge Process?

What is the Team Challenge Process?
Murata (1995) stated that, ‘a good company means good people’. Peters (1988) concludes that future organisations will be more dependent on people.  For many years now Toyota has developed automated systems with, as Ohno (1988) put it, the “human touch”.  The success of future businesses will depend on the development of high-performing teams. This would mean that each team member has: the right skill sets;the power to make decisions; andthe ability to act on them.(Muschewse R, 1997) In an ever-changing world this will need an innovative approach to team building. That is, finding the right balance between empowered teams and leadership styles.  Business owners need to get employees, from different backgrounds, to be more productive. The building of effective teams should be a priority to achieve business goals. In this way, they will have a more positive attitude towards business objectives. (Kakabadse, Ludlow and Vinnicombe, 1988)  In a recent report, th…

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