How we came to establish the Team Challenge Process Company

When Engineering met HR

What happened next

Well, what happened was the formation of the

         Team Process Challenge Company Limited.

    A bit of history:

Perry:  An  automation Engineer by profession  who has the distinction of being the first engineer in the world to increase the stamping press stroke rate on a production line , to a new world-class rate that was previously thought impossible to achieve

Brendan:  A HR consultant and in a previous existence worked from everything from  Landscaping to project management

This meeting of minds came together one morning in the Rochestown Park Hotel

And it was one word that was used that put everything in motion and that word was 


From initial tentative meetings. The Team Process Challenge Company Ltd. Was initiated.

The backbone of this story is that Perry had already run the Team Challenge Process to great success a number of years ago. After leaving it behind for a number of years to focus on his engineering business and a few other things he felt the time was right to resurrect it.

Brendan as a self-employed HR Consultant was always looking for something new and dynamic that would help people engage in the workplace more effectively and not just a band-aid or a one-stop talking shop.

As we now live in a world where there is so much information at our fingertips, but unfortunately there is a lot of window dressing and sometimes without much substance.

The questions that organisations, owners, managers, employees would have asked themselves 5 years ago about where they want to be and what challenges they face are far different in today’s world and this is where The Team Process Challenge Company comes in:

What the Team Challenge Process Company provides:
  • Builds more dynamic and proactive teams
  • Increasing employee skills levels
  • Removing lines of demarcation in the workplace to create   greater cohesion
  • Promoting greater self-awareness
  • A sense of belonging/being present in the workplace
The Team Process Challenge will adapt to every organisation, we don’t carry a single (or couple) of scenarios but will tailor make the very challenge for each organisation to suit the organisation's needs, we are: 


For Perry and myself, it has been an interesting journey to get to this point, it has been challenging but as we like to quote:

It is only when we are challenged do we learn

And this is only the start

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