Cork Foundation Team Challenge Event

Cork Foundation Team Challenge Event

Date: 15th January 2019
Time:  8.30 am to 4.00 pm
Venue: Kingsley Hotel.

30 business people/owners across a diverse spectrum will come together to collectively share knowledge and expertise to come up with solutions for a new Cork Foundation initiative.

The Cork Foundation connects the people of Cork globally and locally to make a difference in Cork. The Cork Foundation have teamed up with the Team Challenge Process Company, who are hosting this event.

Brendan and Perry ( of the Team Challenge Process) will introduce you to an exciting and uniquely different approach to problem-solving & team building, called the “Team Challenge Process”.  

This is a real team based challenge the outcome of which will be implemented by The Cork Foundation in the future.

The challenge itself will be revealed on the day.

This is also an excellent networking opportunity in a different environment

Interested in being part of this special event, team up with like minded people and share your knowledge/experience? Click and follow the link to register.

If you are not able to make it yourself you might consider sending one (or more ) of your employees. This Team Challenge Process is a great way of engaging them in stronger team building/problem solving and will bring some fresh perspectives back to your organisation.

The Team Challenge Process Company are not charging anything for their time, just a small charge of €50 to cover event costs.

Thank you

The Team Challenge Process Company


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